ASST, (pronounced 'Assist') is a Webseries focusing on the lives of six assistants in Hollywood. A view from the bottom up.

Season 1 FINALE Released! posted on 3/21/2011

After some technical difficulties this morning, The Season 1 finale of ASST: The Webseries, "Game Over" has been released! Check it out on the "Episodes" page, or on youtube at

Issues with Contact Form posted on 2/17/2011

It has come to our attention that there was an issue with some submissions via the CONTACT form on our website. We have FIXED the contact form. If you have previously submitted a contact message, please re-send it using the new form. Thanks!

ASST: 1x01 "A View From the Bottom" posted on 2/14/2011

Episode One: A View from the Bottom has been released! Check it out above, or at youtube at

Spotlight on Jaden Marco: Defender of the Universe posted on 2/8/2011

One of the main characters of ASST, Marcus Steele, is an aspiring artist. Marcus has little self-confidence and idolizes superheroes and spends the majority of his time drawing a superhero he created...JADEN MARCO: Defender of the Universe. Check out your first peek at Jaden Marco at
                  ASST: The Webseries Jaden Marco

ASST: The Crew posted on 2/7/2011

Today's Spotlight is on the Crew of ASST. ASST: The Webseries Crew and don't forget only one more week until we release Episode 1

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